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  • Binder fortified lime plaster with extra coarse marble aggregate.
  • Designed as a preliminary base-coat and/or finish coat for showers, fireplaces, heavy textures, primed tiles, exteriors and where durable surfaces are required. 
  • Mastercoat replaces cement based substrates in showers, fireplaces and more. Cement, like Thinset, or standard mortar cement, will continue cracking over time, telegraphing the cracks and fissures onto the finish coat of plaster. Mastercoat solves this problem.
  • Can also be used as a color-integrated finish coat. 
  • Matte sheen / subtle color variation, if used as a finish coat. 
  • High adhesion/bonding to most surfaces 
  • No cement
  • Smooths surfaces
  • Excellent crack resistance / high tensile strength
  • Zero VOCs
  • Will not harden after mixing. Can be used indefinitely after mixing with water. 
  • Available in dry mix only
  • Formerly 'Shower Basecoat'
  • COVERAGE:  100 SQ FT (per 1 coat)