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            Vasari Lime Plaster & Paint


COMPANY GALLERY - Vasari around the world through the years.

"There is nothing as beautiful, versatile, healthy and enriching as lime based finishes for almost any architectural surface."

Vasari Lime Plaster & Paint manufactures the finest natural architectural coatings.  Our products are crafted from slaked lime, powdered marble and fine limestone aggregates. Our coatings are available in any texture, sheen or color. 

Sometimes referred to as Venetian Plaster, Tadelakt, Italian plaster, polished plaster or lime stucco, Vasari products are made from the finest raw materials and to the highest environmental standards.

We create living finishes for walls, ceilings, showers, floors and we're always innovating new materials.  We love helping you live happier and healthier.   

We work with homeowners, architects, builders, designers, artisans and homeowners to help transform interiors and exteriors.  We have showrooms, factories and distributors in the USA, Malaysia, China, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines. We deliver materials to your doorstep and ship daily to projects to all corners of the world - from Ireland to Japan, and from Africa to Russia.  


Inspired by history, design and good living, Vasari was founded in 2003 by Alex Conrad.  He lived throughout Europe and studied design and architecture. It was there that the beauty of lime based coatings in architecture and art inspired him. 

He determined that superior plasters and paints could be manufactured in the U.S. with even better quality than anywhere else. His goal was to make an unmatched wall finish product that would be a truly viable and superior replacement for conventional coatings, such as latex paint and cement stucco. 

Once his formulas were perfected, Vasari was formed and began providing lime plasters and paints for thousands of projects around the world including homes, estates, hotels, restaurants, boutiques, hospitals, churches and more. 

In 2006 Lara Conrad joined the business and the family owned business has continued to grow every year.

Today, manufacturing near the beaches of Ventura, California, we are still as inspired and obsessed with crafting the best possible wall finishes for you. 

We ship our products via ground, sea and by air in North America and internationally. Beyond material supply, we can be instrumental in project referrals and organization.

Vasari is committed to environmental building practices and green manufacturing. That is why we can help you achieve greater LEED points in building certification. Most importantly, Vasari gives you the most beautiful, cleanest and calming environment to live, work and play in. 


The name Vasari is a tribute to the great Italian renaissance artisan, painter, writer, historian and plasterer, Giorgio Vasari (July 30, 1511 – June 27, 1574) who is most famous today for his Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, considered the ideological foundation of art-historical writing.

Giorgio Vasari
Gorgio Vasari, self-portiat

Giorgio Vasari was an artist, architect and historian of the Renaissance. He wrote about the lives of all major Renaissance artists and their techniques. He even coined the term 'Renaissance'. We like him so much that we named our company after him. To find out more about him, click here.

"Plaster, as used by the ancients and through a good part of the medieval to Renaissance periods is a fine material made, susceptible of varied and effective artistic treatments. It was made by the Greeks of such exquisite a quality that it was equivalent to marble. It would be polished, so Vitruvious tells us, until it would reflect the beholder's face as if in a mirror." Giorgio Vasari , 1568