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            Vasari Lime Plaster & Paint


What our customers are saying...

"Dear Vasari, we feel very passionate about the plaster as you do. We would have nothing  else in this old home. It gives this old house the grandeur it deserves. 

What can we say about other people? It is unfortunate that they have fixated opinions about many things in life. They buy a new / used home, they are compelled to paint almost immediately. If there is old plaster they are even mind set to rip it down and put up dry wall. 
It doesn't stop there, in our case we eat very healthy and clean, people would rather balk at that idea to our face rather than give it a try for 30 days themselves. Yet they are under medications for a quick fix ! Go ahead and eat this food because you are taking a medicine that allows you to eat all the fat and cholesterol you want people.
American people want a quick solution to everything. Not to mention they lack the confidence in themselves to apply Venetian plaster or hire someone competent to do so. Actually they probably never even thought about the option. 
We just want to say thank you for convincing us we could do the work. Your videos are very helpful with instruction. Everyone that comes to our home thinks it is beautiful work. 
We will continue to do our part to promote your company and that of plaster vs. paint. I think more importantly, people are not educated in fake Venetian plaster (in a can) vs. the real thing."
Best regards 
Darla and Rich Barker, New Castle, PA


"I spent one week and a lot of money in Italy learning the art of Venetian Plaster. I then visited Vasari’s showroom in Oregon. I learned more about plaster in one hour at Vasari than one week in Italy. Not only does Vasari  know how to do the real thing, they have the coolest showroom with the best collection of plaster samples I’ve ever seen.  Prices and service are second to none."

Michael , Lacosta Plaster – California

"I plastered the inside of my 4200 square foot house and business by myself with the Marmorino. Vasari Plaster made it easy and affordable. My house and office are stunning. It was much easier than I thought. Vasari was very helpful. Thank you!"

Laura S. – Washington

"Vasari really does have the best plaster in the business. We’ve been in the industry for about 16 years and tried almost every Italian plaster that’s out there. There is absolutely nothing out there that comes close to Vasari’s quality, price and service. I highly recommend them."

Gary N., European Plasters and Finishes - Texas


"We have been looking for an environmental plaster for some time and were not impressed by the look of other clay finishes. Vasari Plaster & Stucco is the only company we found that has the most beautiful environmental ‘green’ plaster available. We plastered almost our whole interior with Veneziano and did most of our exterior with Stucco. It was an addictive experience. We now have two neighbors that used Vasari in their homes. It was a real treat dealing with their very helpful staff. We wish your company great success!"

Don and Trudy H. - California


"Vasari  has been providing us with all of our products for three years. Our customers couldn’t be happier and business is great."

Diamond Finishes – New York

"I was a painting contractor for 8 years. Vasari turned me on to their plaster 2 years ago and we’ve been doing nothing else since. They showed us everything from applying the plaster to getting bids. Cool guys!."

CRS Plastering - Arizona

"Vasari  is the best real plaster out there. These guys know what they’re doing. The quality of the product is the best and the prices are truly unbeatable. Thanks!"

Rochester Finishes - Florida

"We used Vasari products on every inch of our Winery Clubhouse at the Ranch of the Canyons in Terrebonne, OR. Inside and out. I'm very glad that they talked me into it. The clubhouse has become an architectural gem and well known in the Northwest. We sincerely could not have achieved the same level of success without Vasari."

Jim Gardner-Oregon

"Vasari provided product and arranged the plastering of our homes in Oregon and California. We couldn’t have been any happier. Every day we touch the walls. We still can’t believe what a difference it makes to our house. It was truly a pleasure dealing with Vasari and we have recommended them to many of our friends. Thank you."

Elon and Moira R. – Oregon

"Awesome products and people! Keep up the great work!"

Micah K., Kelley Finishes - Arizona

"Vasari Plaster & Stucco has aweome product that that really complete the project. We are always surprised by how much the plaster adds to the room. We have now done 7 projects with Vasari plasters and we are consistently impressed with the versatility of color and variation. We have used their product on both small scale and larger commercial projects."

R&S Interiors - Illinois


THANK YOU! To all of our customers past, present and future! We will always strive to have the best products, the best service and the best prices anywhere on Earth!

- Vasari Plaster & Stucco