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Vasari Wax gives protection and creates a high luster on any one of our plasters or paints. Our wax provides high water and stain resistance. Ideal for areas where protection is a must: showers, exteriors, kitchen back splashes, and high traffic public areas.  Vasari Wax prevents natural patina and discoloration from weathering.

Apply two simultaneous coats with a soft cloth for best results. Polish wax with the cloth as it dries for a higher and consistent sheen.  

Clean with water or solvents. Re-apply wax as needed. Do not use bleach. 

Shower application example: Vasari Shower System:

Vasari Shower Basecoat (2 coats)

Vasari Plaster (2 coats)

Vasari Mineral Sealer (2 coats)

Vasari Wax (2 coats)