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LIME PAINT Instructions




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Lime Paint (sometimes to referred to as Lime Wash) is used on large and small scale areas replacing conventional plaster or conventional paint. Vasari Lime Paint can applied in a matte, soft sheen or can be burnished to a high luster.  It’s thicker mineral consistency allows it to be back-troweled to create a slight to moderate texture if desired. Lime Paint is made with lime and powdered marble. Colors and creative styles are unlimited. Lime Paint is very environmentally friendly, healthy, UV resistant and its qualities will improve with time. It compliments both traditional and modern settings. Vasari's hypo-allergenic products will breath with your home absorbing moisture and naturally prevent mold or mildew growth. It can be used in conjunction with our other Vasari lime plaster products such as Carrera, Marmorino or Mastercoat. Lime Paint must be applied with a minimum of 2 coats. Lime Paint can be easily maintained. Lime Paint can be sealed with Vasari Mineral Sealer for added protection against dirt, stains and water patina.

Vasari creates world class lime based finishes. Our lime based materials can be combined and applied in endless styles and methods. Explore to discover the best lime based materials for your space.


5 gallons: 1,000-1,200 square feet per 1 coat

1 gallon: 200-240 square feet per 1 coat

1 quart: 50-60 square feet per 1 coat

Coverage may vary depending on desired method of application.


Apply Vasari Lime Paint over substrates that are clean, cohesive, free of contamination and as follows:

Gypsum Drywall: (Interiors Only) Drywall should be taped and smoothed to a level 4 or higher finish in accordance with Gypsum Association’s GA-214. Use only Vasari Mineral Primer or recommended latex or acrylic primers before applying Lime Paint.

Existing painted substrates: Vasari Lime Paint will adhere to previously existing painted surfaces as long as they are latex or acrylic (water based). We recommend scuffing the surface for better adhesion and wiping any dust before plaster application. Use only Vasari Mineral Primer or recommended latex or acrylic primers before applying Lime Paint if necessary.

Existing texture: Lime Paint can be applied onto existing moderate texture such as orange peel or light skip trowel. Apply first coat in a thick manner to cover texture. Minor cracking might occur from excessive thickness, which is acceptable as long as there’s no delamination or peeling.

Exterior application: Lime Paint can be applied on existing exterior surface such as Vasari Carrera, Marmorino, Mastercoat, primed conventional cement coatings and pre-existing paint. Mineral Sealer or masonry sealer is required to reduce potential patina or discoloration with direct water contact. Consult technical data sheets for more information regarding exterior application.

Shower / Tadelakt application: Watch video about plastering showers here. Lime Paint can be used in showers over Vasari Carrera, Marmorino or Mastercoat with Mineral Sealer and Vasari Wax for waterproofing. Consult ‘Shower Instructions Technical Data Sheet’ for more information on plastering showers.

Preparatory work: Mask and protect adjacent surfaces and remove any dust from surface, especially after sanding. Mask about .5-1mm from adjacent surface or trim to allow for thickness of plaster.

Primer: Vasari Mineral Primer is required over gypsum board, wood and other substrates with uneven suction or moisture absorption. Allow primer to dry before plaster application.

Creative: Lime Paint can be used as as an artistic medium in place of latex or oil based paint. Artistic possibilities are endless. Lime Paint can many versatile qualities that other materials can’t offer. Lime paint is also an ideal medium for creating authentic fresco art. In this case, it would be considered ‘fresco secco’.

Lime Wash: Lime Paint can be thinned with water (making a Lime Wash) and can be applied in multiple thin translucent coats to for endless decorative finishes.


Lime Paint can be applied in a matte, unpolished sheen with minor movement and variation, or can be burnished to a high polish and prominent mottling.

1st coat: Lime Paint should be applied on Vasari Mineral Primer when painting new drywall. Allow primer at least 24 hours to dry. It can also be applied on preexisting latex paint. Lime Paint can be brushed, rolled or sprayed (.21 orifice sized tip (ex: 621)). Apply the Lime Paint to completely cover previous substrate. Allow at least 24 hours for first coat to completely dry.

Lime Paint is a little thicker than conventional paint allowing a more bodies or textured coverage if desired. Any texture on the first can translate into color variation on the second coat, especially if burnished. As the first coat dries, if desired, it can be troweled out creating minor texture.

2nd coat: Before applying the second coat, make sure there are no drips or uneven texture (if any). Undesired drips or textured can be sanded or scraped off. The second coat can be brushed, rolled or sprayed (.21 orifice sized tip). The second coat of Lime Paint will quickly absorb in to the first coat. As this happens, and the Lime Paint is no longer ‘wet and sticky’, but still damp, it can be softly burnished with a trowel, sponge, dry brush or cotton cloth. This will create more sheen and bring out the variation of color. Likewise, it can be left alone to dry completely matte.

3rd coat: This is an optional coat for extra smoothness, polish, texture, decorative effects or color variation. Lime Paint can be thinned with water to create a translucent ‘Lime Wash’. With this method, layers of color can be applied on top of each other to create endless decorative finishes. Conversely, a third coat of Lime Paint coat can smooth the further smooth the wall to a create a more homogeneous finish with no little or no movement.

Top coats: Lime Paint can be finished with Mineral Sealer, wax or numerous decorative finishes depending on the desired look and required durability. Both Mineral Sealer and then a coating of Vasari Wax will completely waterproof the Lime Paint

Colorants: Colors can be chosen from our color chart. Lime Paint can also be custom tinted to almost any color. Lime Paint is sold pre-tinted. It can be tinted with water based or dry pigments. For pure beautiful white, use untinted Lime Paint. Multiple colors can be applied simultaneously for more creative finishes.


Do not store in direct sunlight and protect from extreme heat and cold. Store Vasari Lime Paint in a cool, dry place. When properly stored, Lime Paint shelf life is 5 years from purchase date. Lime Paint should be stored with a generous layer of water on the top of the bucket as to not dry out the material. The plaster might slightly thicken over months and years depending on climate conditions and colorant. DO NOT FREEZE. If frozen, allow up to 48 hours to thaw, mix plaster with a drill, and apply.


All Vasari products can be cleaned using water in most instances. Solvents such as paint or lacquer thinner and mild detergents can be used to remove stubborn stains. Do not use acidic cleaners or bleach.

Sealers: Sealers are optional depending on water and dirt exposure. Use Vasari Mineral Sealer or masonry sealer for protection against dirt, stains or water patina. Use Vasari Wax for more protection or to achieve a higher luster of sheen. Seal exteriors with Mineral Sealer or masonry sealer to avoid water stains or patina.


Flame Spread: ASTM E84, rating of 5; UBC Class I. NFPA Class A. Smoke development 0.

Sound: ASTM 423-07; SAA: 0.09; NRC: 0.10. ASTM 90-04; STC:31

Mold Resistance: 0% mold growth, per test results from procedure ASTM D3273-00

Incompatibility: Salt, chlorides, aluminum, hydrogen fluoride and inter-halogens.

Granulation Size Range: 75-150 µm (microns) / 0.15-0.20 mm

Ph Factor: 11.5 Ph

VOC & LEED: 0-VOCs, Up to 8 LEED Point Certified.

Hazardous: No known hazardous waste or by-product. No known hazardous decomposition of product or byproducts are known to have occurred.

Health Hazards: Do not ingest or inhale powdered materials for prolonged periods of time. Acute gastric or bronchial irritation will result if ingested or inhaled. Consult your physician if condition worsens or if condition is lasting more than 6 hours.

Flash Point: None

Composition: Custom processed aged lime, powdered marble, particles of minerals and other natural elements make up the composition of Lime Paint. Small percentage organic additives and resins are included to help improve the technical application of the product.

Avoid: Avoid continual contact to the skin and always avoid contact with the eyes.

Areas not recommended for Lime Paint: Water container (such as tubs or sinks), countertops and floors.

Recommended Film Thickness – Wet 4.0-7.0 mils – Dry 2.5-4.5 mils

Dry Time @ 77 °F (25 °C) @ 50% RH – To touch 6 hours. To re-coat 24 hours.

Dries by evaporation, coalescence

Never add other paints or solvents.


Lime Paint weights and measures:


5 GALLONS 58lbs. (26 kg.)

2 GALLONS 23 lbs. (11.5 kg.)

1 GALLON 11.5 lbs. (5.2 kg.)

1 QUART 3lbs. (1.4 kg.)


Vasari expressly warranties Lime Paint to be fit for the ordinary purpose for which they are intended for a period of 20 years for non-wet interiors installations, and 10 years for exteriors from date of installation when applied and used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions within six months of purchase.

WARNING! If you scrape, sand, or remove old paint, you may release lead dust. LEAD IS TOXIC. EXPOSURE TO LEAD DUST CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ILLNESS, SUCH AS BRAIN DAMAGE, ESPECIALLY IN CHILDREN. PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD ALSO AVOID EXPOSURE. Wear a NIOSH approved respirator to control lead exposure. Clean up carefully with a HEPA vacuum and a wet mop. Carefully clean up with a HEPA vacuum and a wet mop. Before you start, find out how to protect yourself and your family by contacting the National Lead Information Hotline at 1-800-424-LEAD or log on to

For more technical information, application videos, MSDS, ASTM, LEED, creative design ideas and ordering the best Lime Paint / Lime Wash on Earth, visit WWW.VASARIPLASTER.COM.