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            Vasari Lime Plaster & Paint


Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Policy

Why is Vasari the ultimate wall finish?

Lime based plasters are unequivocally the most beautiful wall finishes on the planet. No gypsum or cement based plasters can compete with the look and feel, much less the ease of use and working time of lime based plasters.

Lime plasters lasts and improves with age.

Lime plasters are eco-friendly, zero VOC, hypo-allergenic, do not off-gas, they absorb carbon dioxide, are naturally resistant to mold and regulate humidity and temperature.

Our products are breathable, filter the air, are crack resistant, fade resistant, and in the end the ultimate replacement for paint.

With lime plasters and paints, you will longer and happier. What else is there?


Why choose Vasari?

We make everything from scratch, giving us full control of our quality and formulations, made as naturally as possible for you. Everything we use in our products is sourced and manufactured in the USA.

We believe we make the easiest plaster on the planet to apply. It is also very easy to maintain and repair.

Our products are infinitely versatile in look and feel. Each of our products are extremely flexible in technique, color and effect.

We are proud to offer you the most affordable authentic lime based plasters anywhere. We want our materials to be accessible. Most of our materials cost the same as high end paints. With free shipping in the US, we're hard to beat when it comes to affordability. 


Can our products be applied in shower stalls?

Yes! Any of our three plasters can be applied inside shower stalls using our Vasari Shower System. Plaster is the ideal finish for showers, much more affordable and easier to clean than tile, and easier to repair as well.


Do we have samples?

Yes. We offer finished sample boards (6" x 8") as well as one quart of any material. You can order any of our 60 standard colors. Custom matching is available upon request at


Do we sell on Amazon?  Do we have retail distributors? 

Yes, our products are available through Amazon and we are expanding our retail distribution. Easily order online at

Would you like to be a distributor? Contact us!


How do we get our products to you?

We ship via UPS or FED-EX for large packages or USPS for smaller packages. Larger orders ship on a pallet using a variety of LTL carriers.


Can I pick up products at the warehouse?

Yes, for phone orders we require a 24HR notice, please confirm the pickup date and time. 


What will Vasari products bond to?

We recommend Vasari Mineral Primer. Otherwise our products will bond to latex or acrylic water based primers or paint. Start with a flat primer; don’t use a stain-blocking or shiny primer. Our products stick better and are easier to work when the primer is flat.

Oil based paint? No! Prime it as above. 

Vasari Shower Basecoat will stick to RedGuard. 

(Vasari Shower System)

Wallpaper? No! Ideally remove as much as possible and prime it a few times until it doesn’t bubble, then plaster it. You might want to use an oil based primer first on oil based paint and wallpaper, then flat latex primer before applying any plaster.


Can our products be applied over oil based paint?

No! Do not apply Vasari Products over any oil based products.


Does it take a master artisan to apply plaster?

No! In all fairness, it does help if you have a trained, motivated person for the fancier applications. Pretty much anyone can do the really basic application. 

How is it applied?

Our Vasari Lime Pain can be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer just like a conventional paint. Our three lime plasters products are applied with a trowel. Basically, It’s fancy mud. Watch our videos for demonstrations. It’s generally a two or three coat process. 

Is it eco-friendly?

Yes. You won’t smell a thing when you apply it. Our materials take on the properties of lime stone making them hypo-allergenic, absorb carbon dioxide and expel excess humidity. The plasters lend a fresh and clean smell and feel to the rooms where they are applied.  Vasari plasters are far more eco-friendly than paint. Very dark colors might sometimes have an odor to them which will dissipate quickly. We source the lowest VOC pigments available. 

The products

Vasari Veneziano

Like all of our products, Veneziano is made with slaked lime and powdered marble. It contains no sand and is applied in paper thin coats, or slightly thicker.  It has the consistency of sour cream. Applied with subtle color variation, Veneziano creates a smooth feel with a beautiful textured look. This product can be left matte with a plastic trowel, or given a low to high sheen using a metal trowel depending on application. For a high gloss, burnishing is recommended as well as a third skim coat. You can achieve a highly reflective finish with this product, even without wax. Please refer to our complimentary videos for more information. 

Vasari Marmorino
It’s like Veneziano, except it also contains crushed marble sand. Applied thicker than Veneziano, it can be applied like smooth and honed limestone, or in a more textured fashion with craters. Applied with subtle color variation, Marmorino is a very popular finish that cand be applied with a relatively matte to low sheen or wtih deeper variation of color depending on technique. Please refer to our complimentary videos for more information.

Vasari Lime Wash
This is a topical accent coating for our Marmorino and Carerra products only. It's somewhat transluscent and can be left untinted for a gorgeous chalky effect or tinted with colorants for accent. Most buildings in provincial Europe are lime washed.
Sealers - Vasari Mineral Sealer - Vasari Wax

Generally, plaster does not need to be sealed. An unsealed surface allows for  easier future repairs or touch ups. For demanding areas like kitchen backsplashes, commercial areas, or splash zones we recommend Vasari Mineral Sealer and/or Vasari Wax depending on the application. Vasari Mineral Sealer provides water, stain and dirt protection. It won’t change the sheen or color of the plaster. When plastering showers we recommend a coat of Vasari wax in addition to sealing your plaster. View our products in our Vasari Shower System.


What kind of homes, projects or designs is it for?

European, modern, Latin, Arabic, eclectic, Asian, tropical, and Craftsman designs. We don’t think it's the best look in proper Colonial architecture.

What’s the difference between plasters?

There are three different kinds of plaster: lime, gypsum and cement. Gypsum is usually used as a textured or smooth coat on drywall and then it’s primed and painted. Gypsum is usually not meant to be a finish coat, but is sometimes used that way. It’s not easy to fix or maintain if it’s used as a finish coat. Gypsum and cement plasters tend to give a plastic look and feel. These products set up in a matter of 45 minutes, typically, where our products will give you years of workability if stored properly.

Cement is not very vibrant, limited in color, limited in application techniques, difficult to repair. There are properties to lime plaster that cement will not have. Cement doesn't absorb carbon dioxide, is not breathable, is not resistant to mold and generally just doesn't look good. Lime plaster does all of these things.


Where can you buy Vasari Plaster?

Purchase our products online at We also have distributors throughout the USA, several international locations, and continue to expand our retail distributors. Call us at 805-667-8454 or email to ship anywhere in the world. Free shipping in continental USA. Quoted shipping rates for Alaska, Hawaii, and International.

Where is it made?
We manufacture everything in our factory in Ventura, California. 

We are confident that our products match, if not surpass, any European quality plasters. 


Why is Vasari better?

Unlike Vasari products, many plasters and paint have synthetic fillers, or do not have the relatively indefinite working time our products have. We also source and manufacture everything in the USA. We offer our materials in a dry mix form for incredible savings.

We love what we do and it shows. We work very hard to make our products easy to work with, natural, versatile, and affordable. Our goal is to truly to manufacture the best wall finishes.

Why lime and marble plaster?

Lime and marble plaster has been used throughout the ages. Made from natural materials, its beauty and resilience stand the test of time. It can be polished, left matte or rough textured in any color. Lime plaster offers a uniquely beautiful and complex patina, is eco-friendly, and lasts longer than paint and other wall finishes; why settle for anything less?